IBPS Clerk IV GA & Computer Questions Asked Dec 2014

By | 22/12/2014

IBPS Clerk IV GA & Computer Questions Asked Dec 2014 Download in PDF version.

Dear Friends, IBPS Clerical Cadre-IV online test will be continue in this month. All IBPS Clerk General Awarness and Computer Knowledge Questions are given below.

IBPS Clerk-IV Online Exam GA & Computer Awareness on 21.12.2014 (Evening Shift)

  • In FEMA, M means- Management
  • URL- Uniform resource locator
  • EVM- Electronic Voting Machine.
  • RTGS full- Real Time Gross Settlement
  • MMID- Mobile Money Identifier
  • ISDN- Integrated Services Digital Network
  • Capital of Afganistan- kabul
  • Currency of Bhutan- Ngultrum
  • Yashwardhan Shukla’s book  – Gods of Antarctica
  • Validity of Kishan vikas patra – 100 months
  • In MICR middle 3 digits represent are for – Bank
  • Which cities, America developing in to Smart cities – Allahabad,Ajmer and Vishakhapatnam
  • Name of the book by Rajamohan Gandhi – Eight lives.
  • NTPC tie up with which state to start a 1000 MW plant – Andhra Pradesh
  • Person with disability (PwD) day – 3rd December
  • Personal accident cover in Jan Dhan Yojana – 1 lakh
  • Largest public sector insurance company – LIC
  • 1 Ques. on census 2011-
  • Shortcut key to undo last step in word – Ctrl+ Z
  • Shortcut key to make characters italics – Ctrl + I

IBPS Clerk-IV Online Exam GA & Computer Awareness on 21.12.2014 (Morning Shift)

  • CBS full form – Core Banking Solution
  • ULIP Stands for – Unit-linked insurance plan
  • AQB Full form – Average Quaterly Balance.
  • In EBT, E means – Electronic.
  • Headquarter of WHO are situated at – Geneva
  • Capital of Australia – Canberra.
  • President of Brazil – Dilma Rouseff.
  • Sushama swraj’s constituency- Vidhisha
  • commercial paper is issued by – Corporates, primary dealers (PDs) and All-India Financial Institutions (FIs)
  • Rbi allowed which age of minors to open account – 10 years
  • Currency of Argentina – Argentine peso.
  • How many digits in Ifsc code – 11
  • BCCI life time achievement award 2014 – Dilip Vengasarkar.
  • validity of Kisan vikas patra – 100 months
  • Sarjubala devi related to which sport – Boxing
  • Tapan raychaudhri who died recently was – Historian
  • Author of lowland – Jhumpa Lahiri.
  • Shanti swarup Bhatnagar Prize for Physical Sciences 2014 -Dr.Pratap Raychaudhuri
  • Mars orbitor mission which celebrated it’s 50th anniversary- Mariner 4 mission
  • Lucknow city is on the bank of ____ river – Gomti
  • in whose memory of whom, Antyoday Divas is celebrated – Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya
  • Next G20 Summit will be held at – Turkey
  • Economics nobel prize is conferred on – Jean Tirole
  • Revised Target of opening of accounts in PM Jan Dhan Yojna is – 10 Crore
  • Payment bank working capital – 100 Crore
  • Shortcut key to find text in MS word – Ctrl + F.

IBPS Clerk-IV Online Exam GA & Computer Awareness on 20th Dec 2014 (Evening Shift)

  • PDA Full form- Personal Digital Assistant.
  • GST full form – Goods and service Tax
  • IFSC Full form – Indian Financial System code.
  • C in MICR stands for – Character
  • Shortcut key of UNDO – ctrl +Z
  • Shortcut key of Find- Ctrl+F
  • Currency of Saudi Arabia – Saudi riyal.
  • Capital of Iraq – Baghdad
  • Which Day is celebrated on 19 november- World Toilet Day
  • First 3 digit in MICR represents – city
  • World AIDS Day is observed on – 1 December
  • Commercial paper is issued by – Corporates, primary dealers (PDs) and the All-India Financial Institutions (FIs)
  • SEZ stands for – Special Economic Zone
  • Noble prize in Economics is won by -Jean Tirole
  • %age Share of state government in RRB – 15%
  • UEFA Eurocup 2016 will be hosted by – France.
  • Headquarters of UNEP – Nairobi(Kenya)
  • What is the Exchange date for pre 2005 Notes – 1st Jan 2015
  • Rupay card is developed by – NPCI
  • What is Jandhan yojna’s objective – Financial Inclusion
  • Dronacharya award is related to – Sports
  • National Science centre is established in which state – Delhi
  • UN Goodwill ambassador for South east Asia –.

IBPS Clerk-IV Online Exam GA & Computer Awareness on 20th Dec 2014 (Morning Shift)

  • United nations day- – 24th October
  • International Non violence day is observed on – 2nd October
  • Vishwanathan Anand is related to- – Chess.
  • Ryder Cup is related to – – Golf
  • Capital of Austria – Vienna
  • Budget of Mars mission of India – – 450 Crore
  • author of Dramatic decade – Pranab Mukherjee.
  • In which field, Nobel prize was given to May Britt Moser and Edward Moser – Medicine
  • New name of MCX – – Metropolitan Stock Exchange of India Ltd’, abbreviated as ‘mSXI’
  • Biggest nuclear plant in the world- – Kashiwazaki-Kariwa Nuclear Power Plant
  • Next Hockey world cup will be held – India.
  • Insurance regulatory in india- – IRDA.
  • Next saarc summit will be held at – Islamabad
  • Currency of srilanka – Sri Lankan Rupee.
  • Dongfeng missile is developed – China
  • Darjeeling Makaibiri is – Tea estate
  • Which is not a Operating System among Windows XP,NT,2000,2007 & suffix – Suffix
  • Find the output device among Printer scanner,keyboard,webcam- – Printer.
  • What is a bit- – Smallest Unit of information

IBPS Clerk-IV Online Test on 14th Dec 2014 (Morning Shift)

  • UNIDO headquarter – Vienna
  • Which of the following is not in the list of top 10 richest person –
  • NCR full form – National Capital Region
  • BAT full form-
  • IFSC – Indian Financial System Code.
  • ECGL full form – Executive Centre of Global Leadership
  • RTGS full form- Real Time Gross Settlement
  • Capital of Bangkok –
  • Currency of China – Renminbi.
  • Baiching Bhutia is related to which sport – Football.
  • Overdraft facility in PMJDY – Rs. 2500 (further increase to 5000)
  • Sarita devi related to which Dance –
  • In FFII, Rajnikant was awarded by –
  • National Human Rights day – 10 December
  • CDS percentage –
  • Author of Half a Girl Friend – Chetan Bhagat
  • In which bank, a Laghu Account can be opened –
  • Maximum amount in KVP –
  • Y Chung Related with which game –
  • Nalanda University situated in which state – Bihar
  • Where ISRO situated – Bangaluru
  • Ghoomer Dance-
  • EBOLA is –
  • Which of the following river is in MP –
  • How much amount can be deposited in a saving account –

 IBPS Clerk-IV Online Test on 13th Dec 2014 (Evening Shift)

  • PDF stand for – Portable Document Format.
  • FCCB stand for – Foreign Currency Convertible Bond
  • RTGS stand for – Real Time Gross Settlement
  • FTZ stand for – Free-Trade Zone
  • Currency of Indonesia – Rupiah
  • Capital of Canada – Ottawa
  • Manbuker prize winner –
  • Bradman hall prize –
  • NANGA Mountains are at –
  • Nasik situated at which river –
  • Swachh bharat logo designed by –
  • Who received Euromoney Award for Best Central Bank Governor of the Year 2014 – Raghuram Rajan
  • John O’keefe got Nobel prize 2014 in which stream – Physiology or Medicine Playlist
  • New chief justice of India –
  • KVP Validity –
  • Nashik is situated on the bank of the river – Godavari river
  • KB, MB, GB, TB which one is big – TB
  • Shortcut key of making italic font in MS Word – ctrl + i
  • Docx is which file – MS word
  • Author of the narrow road to deep north – Richard Flanagan
  • Shanti Swaroop Bhatnagar Award for Medicine is given to –
  • UNIDO Head quarter  – Vienna
  • According to Census 2011m most of the slums is in which city –
  • RBI launched which policy –
  • Pankaj Advani Related to which game – Snooker
  • The book “unbreakable” is written by whom – Kami Garcia
  • At which Amount, White level ATM linked by RBI –

IBPS Clerk-IV Online Test on 13th Dec 2014 (Morning Shift)

  • VOIP stand for – Voice Over Internet Protocol
  • NPA Full form – Non-Performing Asset
  • BIOS Means –  Basic Input Output System.
  • IPO stand for – Initial Public Offer.
  • NAV means – Net Asset Value.
  • Full form of ECS – Electronic Clearing System
  • GIGO full form – Garbage In, Garbage Out
  • MS DOS is – Command Based Operating System
  • Shortcut key to go at the end of the page – Ctrl + End
  • Which of the following is an operating System – Windows 8
  • Shortcut key to go to the first line of the page – Ctrl + home
  • Richard Miller Flanagan (Won Man Booker Prize 2014) belongs to – Australia
  • Capital of Saudi Arabia – Riyadh.
  • Women Kabaddi Team win – Gold Medal
  • Seema Poonia related to which sports – Discus Throw
  • Interest on Saving Account is given on which basis – Daily basis
  • In MICR code, middle 3 digits denote – Bank Code.
  • ING Vysya Bank to merge with – Kotak Mahindra Bank.
  • PPF maximum amount limit – 1.5 lakh.
  • Verse email is provided by which company – IBM
  • Currency of Brazil – Brazilian real
  • Air force day is observed on –
  • Nobel Prize in Literature 2014 – Patrick Modiano
  • Who top in Asian games – China
  • Purpose of KYC – Money Laundering.
  • Which is Demand and Time Liabilities –
  • Gujarat govt. declared Vadodara as – State Cultural Capital
  • Which one is not a monetary tool –
  • Science and Technology Minister – Harsh Vardhan
  • Tinku Luka is related to which Sports – Relay Race (Athlete)
  • Who gave speech in Hindi in United Nations before Prime Minister Narendra Modi  – Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  • Nitin Gadkari’s Constituency is – Nagpur.
  • Earth Science cabinet minister –
  • Headquarters of United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) – New York City
  • CASA is which type of deposits –
  • Theme of SAARC smmit 2014 is – ‘Deeper Integration for Peace and Prosperity’

IBPS Clerk-IV Online Test on 7th Dec 2014 (Morning Shift)

What is the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur
Who is Environment minster – Prakash Javadekar
Curreny of Japan – Yen
UNICEF head office – New York
Jitu Rani related to which game – Shooting
Coral field in which state – Gujrat
Uidai deadline
National education day – 11 November
Certificate of commencement is required for which type of organization – Public Company
Environment n forest minster?
Nbfc regulated by? RBI
Rrb is sponsored by?
GDP full form – Gross Domestic Product
What is balance sheet
Which of these is not a negtiable instrument ?
Game played in inchoen? Asian Games
Mortgage are which type of property
Who is Tourism minister – Dr. Mahesh Sharma
One byte has how many bits – 8
VDU full form – Visual Display Unit
DVD full form – Digital Versatile Disc
GUI – Graphic User Interface
EPROM – erasable programmable read only memory
Wildlife heritage region
Which of these is not an indirect tax – Income tax

IBPS Clerk-IV Online Test on 6th Dec 2014 (Morning Shift)

Fullform of KYC – know your customer
Who is the Captain of india in icc world cup? Mahendra Singh Dhoni
Who wrote Playing it my way ? – Sachin Tendulkar
Which state declared tourism day
Bank of last resort in India?- RBI
Common wealth 2018 to be held in – Queensland, Australia
UNESCO headquarter – Paris
Currency of Italy – Euro
Public Service broadcasting day – 12 November
Which storage unit is biggest from the folloowing mb,gb,kb,tb – TB
MOM stands for? Mars Orbiter Mission
Where did World chess championship held? Sochi
State with highest rural population? Uttar Pradesh 77%
Full form of NPA – Non Permorming Assets
Full form of URL? Uniform Resource Locator
Capital of sweden? Stockholm
What is Amortization? The paying off of debt with a fixed repayment schedule in regular installments over a period of time.
Full form of RTGS ? – Real Time Gross Settlement
Founder of Alibaba?
APEC Summit held in which country? China
Aravali ranges is in which state? Rajasthan
Duration of PPF – 15 years
What is the full form of BC? -Business Correspondent
Next Commonwealth summit will be held in ? – Malta
LRSAM missile is developed by India with the help of which country ? – Israel
Which one of the following is non volatile memory ?
Which one of the following is not secondary storage ?
In ms word the footer will be displayed ? – Bottom of the page
What is the limit of free ATM transaction under PMJDY ? – 4
Who is named as the test cricketer of the year? – Mitchell Johnson
Rauf dance is from which state ? – Jammu and Kashmir
What is the Base year for new consumer price index? – 2010
Who is the current health minister ? – J.P.Nadda
Where is the headquarter of SIDBI ? – Lucknow
Manmohan singh to be awarded by which country ? – Japan
Study of fungi is called as ? – Mycology
Which state declared 2015 as the tourism year ? – Madhya Pradesh

IBPS Clerk-IV Online Test on 6th Dec 2014 (Evening Shift)

Banking Obudsman committe appointed by – RBI
Who frame Monitory policies – RBI
Validity of Kissan Credit Card – 5 Years
Capital of Cambodia – Phnom Penh
NBFC stands for – Non-Banking Financial Company
Who is normon gordan- Cricketer
RBI granted Banking licence to which new bank
Egypt currency- Egyptian Pound
Information and Broadcasting Minister- Arun Jaitley
G-20 Summit 2016 to be held in – China
URL Full Form- Uniform Resource Locator
World Pnuemonia Day- November 12
KYC implemented under which ACT- Banking Regulation ACT 1949
Unity day celebrated on birth Anniversaryof – Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel
Hindu Kush mountains located in between which countries- Afganisthan and Pakistan
NAV stands for – Net Asset Value
WAN full form – Wide Area Network
National Women Commission chairman – Lalitha Kumarmangalm
DOS – Disk Operating System
VIRUS – Vital Information Resources Under Siege
LSI – Large Scale integration Computer
NPPA – National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority
LTV – Loan To Value
IPO – Initial Public Offering
TDS – Tax Deducted at Source
FEMA – Foreign Exchange Management Act
Age limit for minors to operate saving account – 10 years

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